2017 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference
Art Exhibit

"Portraying Water through Art"


Monday, Nov. 6, 8:00AM - 6:30PM
Tuesday, Nov. 7, 8:00AM - 3:00PM

Enjoy visions of water as displayed through the mediums of oil and photography. Each artist will be donating an item to the silent auction to be held during the Monday evening Opening Networking Reception.

April Waters, Artist in Residence
Oil PaintingArtist, Salem, OR
This year's artist-in-residence is April Waters. With its qualities of reflection, transparency and movement water has been the focus of April's paintings for decades. When she is inspired by a place, she goes there often, in different seasons and on different times of the day. In most cases, she sketches on site and hikes or kayaks. Sometimes, she hires a helicopter pilot to fly her over the site to see what it is like from above. Equipped with sketches and her experiences, she then paints in her studio using oil on canvas or oil on panel. As part of her work, she has traveled to meet, learn from, and photograph contemporary women leaders who were making significant environmental contributions around water. After each meeting, she has painted a large-scale portrait to bring attention to their work. Her series of paintings of Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Wangari Maathai, Dr. Vandana Shiva, and Maude Barlow represent women who are working, or who have worked, to protect the watersheds of the world and ensure that fresh water remains available to all.

Kevin G. Coulton

Leaf PhotoKevin G. Coulton Photography, Troutdale, Oregon
"Pollution in Abstract" Mini-Exhibit
Kevin Coulton is a Portland area photographer, and consulting water resources engineer, who began a grassroots effort in 1990 to educate the public about stormwater pollution and prevention…using art…and this resulted in the "Pollution in Abstract" photographic series. The close-up abstract and avant-garde photographs of stormwater pollution are intended to attract and then educate viewers to this ubiquitous environmental problem. Kevin estimates the amount of oil, gasoline, and other pollutants dripped from the 250 million vehicles in the U.S. is more than the oil spilled during the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill…every year! Over the past 27 years, he has had over 40 public and gallery exhibitions of his "Pollution in Abstract" photography series, given public presentations, appeared on TV, and has had his photography published in newspapers, magazines, and books. He has also written about his work with editorials published in newspapers and magazines, and has won awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Gary Whitton

Silver Flat Lake - Wasatch Mountains  - UtahPhotographer, West Jordan, Utah
Rain, Snow and Ice - Landscapes of the American West
Gary Whitton is a Utah-based photographer and webmaster for AWRA. His work has appeared in various AWRA publications, college textbooks, magazines, and the publications of notable organizations such as Fodors, Moon Travel Guides, Microsoft, the United Nations, and numerous others.

His photo exhibit will present scenic landscapes of the American West that have been shaped over time by the erosional power of water, in its many forms.

Tim Palmer

Ocean WaveAward-winning Author and Photographer, Port Orford, OR
Wild and Scenic Rivers: An American Legacy

Author and photographer Tim Palmer reveals the history and policy foundation of the federal wild and scenic program, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018. Wild and Scenic Rivers: An American Legacy, published by Oregon State University Press, presents an illuminating portrait of the world's premier system for the protection of natural rivers. Tim is the author and photographer of 25 books about rivers, the environment, and adventure travel. As an historian, writer, citizen conservationist, and former environmental planner, he has been involved in the wild and scenic rivers system since its founding.