AWRA 2012 Annual Conference
Poster Session

Poster Session
Monday / November 12 / 10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon

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Combining SWMM and Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Siting Detention Basins to Control Urban Flooding - Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (co-author: M. Tajrishy)
Suggestions to Reduce Litigation over Riparian Access Easements in Florida - M.B. Adelson IV, Adelson Law Firm, Tallahassee, FL
The Economics of Drought in the Middle Rio Grande - Dadhi Adhikari, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM (co-authors: J. M. Chermak, V. Tidwell)
Interception Loss Heterogeneity driven by Ecological and Topographical Complexity - Scott Allen, Oregon State University, Reisterstown, MD (co-authors: J. J. McDonnell, B. J. Bond)
Hydraulic Modeling for Flood Management Planning in the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins, California - David Altare, MWH, Sacramento, CA
Community-Based Private Well Monitoring as Secondary Level Environmental Education Research - Isabella Bergonzoli, Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches, West Palm Beach, FL (co-author: T. Thornton)
Examples of Cross-program Approaches for Sharing Drinking Water Indicators - Danette Boezio, RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC (co-authors: K. Everett, J. Rineer, P. Ilieve, A. R. Anzzolin )
Basis for Developing Alternate Numeric Dissolved Oxygen Criteria for Florida's Blackwater Wetlands - Robert Compton, HT Odum Center for Wetlands, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: K. C. Reiss, M. T. Brown)
Understanding the Reasons for the Failure of the ACF Water Negotiations and the Prospects for Overcoming Them - Michael Dexter, Columbia University, New York City, NY
Optimal Multi-Objective Spatial Interpolation Models for Missing Precipitation Data Estimation - Husayn El Sharif, Florida Atlantic University, Lake Worth, FL (co-author: R. Teegavarapu)
Effects of Different Soil Phosphorus Levels and Irrigation Sources on Growth of Turfgrass - Jinghua Fan, Soil and Water Science Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: G. Hochmuth, J. Sartain, J. Kruse)
Establishing Total Maximum Daily Loads for Total Phosphorus and E. coli for Hickory Grove Lake in Central Iowa - Rohith Gali, Iowa State University, Ames, IA (co-author: M. L. Soupir)
Florida as a Laboratory for Global Urbanization, Sea Level Rise, and Future Health Risks of Drinking Water Sources - Evan Ged, University of Florida, Department of Environmental Engineering Sci., Gainesville, FL (co-author: T. Boyer)
Effects of Change in Withdrawal Operations on a Stratified Drinking Water Reservoir: A Case Study - Li Gu, Utility Planning Department, Metro Vancouver, Burnaby, B.C., Canada (co-author: S. Masoom)
Advanced Treatment of Dissolved Organic Matter in Alternative Water Sources - Katherine Graf, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: T. Boyer, D. Cornwell)
Florida's Regulation for Residential Wet Detention Stormwater Treatment Ponds - Kelsey Hayden, Florida Gulf Coast University, Jupiter, FL (co-author: L. Donald Duke)
Implementing Green Roofs into the Hydrologic Cycle - Assessment by Multi-Scale Life Cycle Impact Indicator Model of Freshwater Resources in the Built Environment - Darby Holtzhower, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: R. Castro-Ravents , L. Holtzhower , N. Chhabra , J. W. Jawitz , R. J. Ries)
Marsh Change Analysis in Delaware's Inland Bays, 1937 to 2007 - Andrew Homsey, University of Delaware, Newark, DE (co-author: K. Somers)
The Investigation of Reasonable Discharge and Pumping Time of Wells in Taiwan - Shao-Yang Huang, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan (co-authors: J. Wen, C. Liu, C. Lin, K. Chang, C. Tseng, Y. Chang)
Uncertainty Estimation in Reservoir Water Quality Modeling with a Bayesian Approach: Investigation of Overall Posterior Parameter Distribution Functions - Yongtai Huang, Hunter College, CUNY, New York, NY (co-authors: D. Pierson, A. Frei)
Simulation of Daily Streamflow Using the Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System within the Des Moines and Iowa River Basins, Iowa - Kasey Hutchinson, U.S. Geological Survey, Iowa City, IA (co-author: D. E. Christiansen)
Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of Sugarcane Production on Mineral and Organic Soils in Florida in Support of Ethanol Generation - Jose-Luis Izursa, Intelligentsia international, Beltsville, MD (co-authors: J. Capece, E.. Hanlon, N. Amponsah)
A Multi-Stakeholder Bayou Dredging Case Study: From Characterization to Innovative Dredge Material Containment - Jill Johnson, P.G., Geosyntec Consultants, Pensacola, FL (co-authors: M. Wissler)
Managing Salt and Nitrates in California - Is a Spreadsheet Model a Viable Management Tool? - Michael Johnson, MLJ-LLC, Davis, CA
Simulation of Hydrologic Response to Climate Change Using the Precipitation Runoff Modeling System in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, Southeastern USA - Jacob Lafontaine, U.S. Geological Survey, Atlanta, GA (co-authors: L. Hay, R. Viger, S. Markstrom, S. Regan)
Water Quality Assessment of Pesticide Usage for Biofuel Production at Watershed Scale - David Lampert, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL (co-author: M. Wu)
GIS-based Simulation and Spatial Analysis Tool for the Design of Decentralized Recycled Water Systems - Eun Jung Lee, Stanford University, Stanford, CA (co-authors: C. Criddle. D. L. Freyberg)
Evaluation of Sustainability at the University of Florida-Nitrogen Mass Balance for the Main Campus - Jiexuan Luo, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: G. Hochmuth, M. Clark)
Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Hydrologic Conditions and Sediment Transport in Wetland Patterning - Mehrnoosh Mahmoudi, Florida International University, Miami, FL (co-authors: R. Garcia, F. Miralles-Wilhelm)
Developing Integrated Freshwater Wetland Water Budget Models for Wetland Creation, Restoration and Enhancement Design - Michael Mak, AECOM Design + Planning, New York, NY (co-author: C. Benosky)
Enhancements to the Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System for Simulating In-Stream Water Temperature - Steven Markstrom, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO
Ion Exchange Residuals: Overcoming Disposal Challenges using Alternative Regeneration and Combined Ion Exchange - Gabriel Maul, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: T. H. Boyer)
An Assessment of Regional Climate Model Downscaling around San Francisco, CA - Maurice McHugh, Noblis, Falls Church, VA (co-author: E. Brown)
Artesian Water in the Florida Peninsula, V.T. Stringfield - Revisited - Douglas Munch, St. Johns River Water Management District, Palatka, FL (co-author: J. Stokes)
Phosphorous Recovery Potential: Source-Separated Urine or Wastewater Plant? - Jeremy O'Neal, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-author: T. Boyer)
Tests of Seemingly-Unrelated Regression for Estimation of Regional Daily Flow-Duration Curves - Thomas Over, U.S. Geological Survey, Urbana, IL (co-author: S. Archfield)
Water Resource Management Challenges in Florida: Geospatial Assessment of Stream and Lake Nutrient Impairment - Darina Palacio, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: W. Wise, J. Mossa)
Development of Inundation Hazard Level for River Levee Failure - Jaehong Park, Semyung University, Jecheon, Chungbuk, CB, South Korea (co-authors: J. Song, M. Kim)
Tools for National Hydrologic Model Application Development - Shannon Poole, U.S. Geological Survey, Lakewood, CO (co-author: S. Markstrom)
Assessment of Runoff Coeffecent in Semi Arid Region - Mehemed Razzaghi, Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi Univeristy, Gharian, Libya (co-author: A. A. Ganfoud)
Characterization of Nutrient Uptake Kinetics in a Bottomland Sub-Tropical Stream - Courtney Reijo, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: M. J. Cohen; W. Henson; G. Weinkam; J. Laing; T. E. Arnold)
Evaluating the Influence of Soil Characteristics on Stormwater Biofilter Performance in Urban Areas - Redahegn Sileshi, Dept. of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (co-authors: R.Pitt, S.Clark)
An Innovative Approach to Service Learning and Watershed Management - Ritchie Taylor, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY (co-authors: J. Brown, E. Barringer, A. Murray, K. Smith)
California Environmental Data Exchange Network - Standardizing Data for Statewide Integration and Assessment - Melissa Turner, MLJ-LLC, Davis, CA (co-author: M. Johnson)
A Non Point Source Regulatory Program, Coalition Representation, Compliance Assessment, Oh My! - Melissa Turner, MLJ-LLC, Davis, CA (co-authors: M. L. Johnson)
Streamtube-Based Simulation of Site Remediation under Different Flow Patterns - Fang Wang, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (co-authors: M. D. Annable, J. W. Jawitz)
Water Quality Status and Trends in the SJRWMD: web access to water quality information. - Stephen Winkler, St. Johns River Water Management District, Palatka, FL (co-authors: A. Ceric, M. Daly, T. Mirti)
Troubled Waters: Georgia, Florida and Alabama's Conflict over the Waters of the ACF River Basin - Johnny Wong, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
A Review of Social, Environmental and Human Health Consequences of River Development in the Volta River Basin, Ghana - Albert Yeboah-Forson, Department of Earth and Environment, Florida International University, Miami, FL (co-authors: M. Boateng-Gyimah-Water, E. Anderson)
Comparison of One-dimensional and Two-dimensional Hydraulics Model in Flood Inundation Mapping - Ao Yi, AECOM, Jacksonville, FL (co-authors: T. Sisak, J. Berg, D.E. Deegan)
Quantifying Sediment Contributions to the Guanica Bay Puerto Rico - Yongping Yuan, EPA-Office of Research and Development, Las Vegas, NV (co-authors: E. G. Mbonimpa, W. Hu, A. Casper, W. Fisher)
The Role of Variability in Evaluating Agricultural Adaptation Needs to Climate Change - Dunia Patricia Gonzalez Zeas, School of Engineering, Technical University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain (co-authors: S. Quiroga, A. Iglesias, L. Garrote)