2017 International Conference - Cutting Edge Solutions to Wicked Water Problems
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To find your place in the program, click on the Excel spreadsheet pdf below. Use the Find function to locate your name in the program.

Any questions about your placement in the program can be sent to Sharon B. Megdal, Conference Co-Chair or Dror Avisar, Conference Co-Chair.


  • June 1 - Email Pat Reid (pat@awra.org) to let her know that you received this email and agree to participate in the conference.
  • Aug. 18 - Notify Pat Reid of any changes in presenters, authors, titles of presentations for the final program. If you can't attend the conference you must contact Patricia Reid, AWRA, pat@awra.org by this date or you will be billed the appropriate registration fee.
  • Aug. 25 - Early Bird Registration deadline (all presenters need to register for the conference).


Abstracts will be available for reading in the online Preliminary Program and in the online Final Program. The abstracts will be linked into the session titles in the programs. No abstracts or papers will be printed.


Purchase Orders for the registration fee must be submitted no later than June 5.

All presenters will be responsible for their conference registration fees, hotel accommodations, travel expenses, etc. Registration fees are the major source of funding for the Conference. Please register by August 25.

2017 International Conference Registration Prices
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*A copy of your student ID and a letter from your institution or professor confirming FULL TIME status should be sent to Michael Kowalski at the time you register online. Post docs do not qualify.