2017 International Conference - Cutting Edge Solutions to Wicked Water Problems
Final Program


Jointly organized by
American Water Resources Association
Water Research Center, Tel Aviv University

Collaborating Partners

Join us at the Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University in beautiful Tel Aviv, Israel for a special international conference on Cutting-edge Solutions to Wicked Water Problems.

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) and the Water Research Center of Tel Aviv University are co-hosting a dynamic two-day dialogue on how water managers, engineers, scientists and policy makers are working together to develop and implement solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing water challenges.  At the conference you will learn about technological and institutional innovations to address both water scarcity and water quality problems.   The conference includes an opening plenary that focuses on how Israel and California have approached some of their wicked water problems.  A field trip to Sorek or a virtual tour of the Sea of Galilee will familiarize attendees with Israel’s technological advances and natural system management.  Technical sessions will feature experts working on innovative research and on-the-ground (in-the-water!) workable solutions.  A closing plenary session on the Red Sea-Dead Sea Project will familiarize attendees with this cutting-edge regional collaboration designed to mitigate water scarcity and the wicked problem of the receding Dead Sea.  An opening day gala reception will provide additional networking opportunities at this conference being held in state-of-the art facilities at the Tel Aviv University campus.

Why come to Israel for this conference?  Located in a semi-arid region characterized by chronic water scarcity, Israel has become a global leader in developing and applying innovative water solutions and technologies. Tel Aviv provides an ideal location for exchanging information, knowledge and data among researchers, practitioners, and water officials. In addition, conference attendees have the option of attending WATEC 2017, Israel's biennial Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference, which will be held in Tel Aviv immediately following this conference.

Come and join scientists, engineers, practitioners, water managers and professionals from academia, government agencies, private institutions and consulting organizations who will share their findings, experiences, opinions, ideas and interests on cutting-edge solutions to wicked water problems. See you in Tel Aviv this September!

Sharon Megdal Dror Avisar
Sharon Megdal
Conference Co-Chair
Director, Water Resources Research Center
University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Tucson, Arizona
Dror Avisar
Conference Co-Chair
Director of the Water Research Ctr.
School of Earth Sciences
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, Israel