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JAWRA - Instructions and Policies


All submissions and reviews are processed through ScholarOne™ Manuscripts

We are continually updating JAWRA's style. Therefore, even if you have previously published in JAWRA, we recommend reading the instructions below BEFORE you submit.

Publication Charges

JAWRA recognizes an obligation to the water community and to its authors to distribute the knowledge contained within its pages as widely as possible. To accomplish this in an economically sustainable manner, publication charges partially covering the costs of producing JAWRA are assessed to the author. Rates are subject to change and charges will be incurred at the prevailing rates at the time of acceptance. Current Rates and further details are found in the Instructions for Authors document.

Data Policy

JAWRA encourages authors to share the data and other artefacts supporting the results in the paper by archiving it in an appropriate public archive.

Preprint Policy

JAWRA will consider for review articles previously available as preprints on non-commercial servers such as ArXiv, bioRxiv, psyArXiv, SocArXiv, engrXiv, etc. Authors may post the submitted version of their manuscript to non-commercial servers at any time. Authors are requested to update any pre-publication versions with a link to the final published article.