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2018 Call for Board Nominations

(for terms beginning January 1, 2019)

Leadership Opportunities!

The American Water Resources Association is looking for individuals who are willing to serve on the Association's Leadership Team! The Association is looking for men and women who are strategic thinkers, and have demonstrated a commitment to multidisciplinary management of water resources. To ensure the best possible decision making environment, importance will be given to the diversity of Board members in areas such as race, gender, age, discipline, and employer.

- 2018 Board Nomination Form (PDF)

The AWRA Board serves as the policy making board for the association. Obligations of Board service are considerable and extend well beyond the basic expectations of attending meetings.

Each member of the Board is charged to serve in the best interest of the entire membership, to serve as a leader in motivating support for the organization, to be objective in reviewing policies and procedures focusing on the vision and mission of the organization. A Board Member must know the organization's mission, purpose and goals, and provide leadership and stewardship to keep the organization in fiduciary and legal compliance with today's standards. The Director needs to understand current issues, problems and complexities, and the needs of the membership. The Board of Directors is dedicated to ensuring the stability and the advancement of the profession.

Elections for open positions on the AWRA Board of Directors are announced in January of each year, with the nomination period ending in early March. Ballots are distributed to AWRA Members in June, and results are announced in September for board terms commencing January 1st of the following year.

For more specific information on AWRA board duties and responsibilities, see below.

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