WEBINAR: A Global Analysis of Water-Related Terrorism

Originally aired February 13, 2019 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

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Speakers: Jennifer Veilleux and Shlomi Dinar, Florida International University

Terrorist  organizations  destabilize  governments  through  violent  and  coercive  acts  that  include the  use  of  water  resources  as  a  target,  a  weapon,  a leveraging  tool,  a  reason  for violence,  and  a nation-building  strategy.  Scholars  in  security  studies recognize  water  as  a  strategic  national resource  and  consider  the  use  of  water  in  the  context  of  conflict  and  cooperation  in  inter-  and  intra-state  contexts,  but  have  yet  to  systematically  quantify  and  define  how  water  is  used  in  the  case  of  terrorism. 

This webinar will discuss  methods  to  codify  types  of  water-related  terrorism  and  quantify  events  using  the  University  of  Maryland’s Global  Terrorism  Database,  which  contains descriptive  incidents  of  terrorism  from  1970-2016. Our collective  analysis  can  help  to:

  • identify the  number  and  type  of  global water-related  terrorism incidents between 1970-2016; 
  • describe  spatial  and  temporal trends  of  those  incidents; and
  • provide  decision-makers  information regarding  water-related terrorism targets  and  risks  associated  when terrorist  organizations strike these  targets.


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