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Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. is the world's first leading water monitoring instrumentation company. Stevens' profile has dramatically evolved from the mechanical chart recorder for water level and flow measurement applications to a variety of environmental monitoring applications to better manage and control the demands on our planet's water resources.

Today, Stevens designs, manufactures and supports a broad range of monitoring instruments, data communication modems, and related accessories for collecting and analyzing water level, water quality, ground water, soil moisture, and weather information. These products are easy to configure and operate. We focus on providing our customers with products that are reliable and easy to use to facilitate the user's objective of obtaining accurate information. Stevens is a leader in data communication options using collection via easy manual interface solutions, phone modems, wireless Bluetooth for short-range telemetry solution, radio, and satellite transmitters / transceivers for satellite communication via the GOES, GMS, INSAT and ORBCOMM satellites.

Stevens also provides related PC / PDA instrument configuration and data management software and on-line data collection and management services.

With established expertise in water monitoring applications, the integration of Vitel, Inc., the strategic alliances, such as Greenspan Technologies / Tyco, and the hiring of leading experts, Stevens is well positioned to provide customers the best solutions in water, soil and related weather monitoring.

What We Do:

  • water monitoring
  • soil monitoring
  • weather-related monitoring
  • surface water resources
  • wastewater industries
  • hydropower utilities
  • water utilities
  • golf courses / sports turf
  • tide gaging
  • flood warning
  • coastal and estuaries
  • agricultural/irrigation