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email606 Maynard Ave S , Suite 251
Seattle, Washington 98104
United States

Contact: Mike Scott Director of Sales
Ph: 1-888-400-3288
Fax: 206-320-9939

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FlowWorks contains a powerful suite of data collection, monitoring, analysis, and reporting tools enabling you to efficiently manage ALL your environmental data. With FlowWorks, users have the ability to bring different data collection platforms under one web-based monitoring system. FlowWorks provides maximum flexibility by allowing users to compile current and historical data from multiple collection points in different formats.

FlowWorks is

Flexible: FlowWorks links to all data sources whether real-time, historic, SCADA, or wireless.

Hardware Neutral: FlowWorks automatically links to leading brands of data loggers and SCADA systems including Telog, Unidata, Campbell Scientific, ISCO, HACH, ADS, Wonderware and More.

Accessible & Secure: Multiple users can access current data and historic trends from anywhere with a password and an internet connection.

Affordable: FlowWoks provides a full access data collection and analysis solution for a low monthly fee with no contract.

Hassle Free: There is no software to install, no patches to download and no yearly maintenance fees to pay.

What We Do:

  • Flow Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Web Platform
  • Analysis & Reporting Tools