YSI, Inc.


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Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387-1107
United States

Contact: Darrin Honious
Ph: 1 (800) 765-4974

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Monitor, Analyze and Protect the World's Natural Resources.

YSI works with professionals to develop solutions for the growing burdens on our planet's natural resources.

Whether you are concerned with floods, droughts, storm water runoff, clean drinking water, or healthy ecosystems, YSI can prove to be a valuable partner. Our instruments, software, and data collection platforms are focused on environmental monitoring and testing. The integrated systems we deliver to our customers help them to obtain critical data about the quality of water.

Reaching beyond our products, we build relationships with our customers through our dedicated customer service, including technical applications and service support. Our employees have years of knowledge and know-how to share. You can find our trained employees in many locations around the world, ready to assist you quickly.

All of us are interested in dealing with the impacts of global climate change. What we provide to you helps you make critical decisions -- for wetlands restoration, near-coastal monitoring, water resource planning, fish farming, and many applications in between.

What We Do:

  • Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring Equipment
  • Water Quality Sampling Instruments
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • BOD
  • Level
  • Sensors
  • EcoSense
  • Professional Series
  • Integrated Systems Solutions
  • RiverSurveyor
  • EcoMapper AUV