2017 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference
Call for Abstracts

Abstracts submission deadline: May 8th, 2017



The 2017 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference returns to The Rose City (known to the glitterati as 'Portlandia' or 'Rip City') after a four-year hiatus and promises water resources professionals a magnificent venue amidst the scenic and culinary splendor of the Pacific Northwest. Where better to engage in community, conversation, and connections than on the banks of one of North America's most iconic rivers, the spectacular Columbia, at the Red Lion Hotel on the River at Jantzen Beach?

Conference co-chairs Brenda O. Bateman [Brenda.O.Bateman@oregon.gov] of the Oregon Water Resources Department, Michael E. Campana [aquadoc@oregonstate.edu] of Oregon State University and the entire Planning Committee are committed to providing attendees with an experience that will be not only intellectually stimulating but also most enjoyable. We will have our own 'Artist-in-Residence', April Waters, and if that's not enough, how about an all-day UAV (drone) workshop on Sunday, November 5th! We'll have at least one Lunch 'n Learn event. More to come, too!

Topical Sessions (formerly Special Sessions)
If you and some colleagues would like to arrange an oral session(s) on a specific topic and ask speakers to submit four abstracts for the session, that's fine. Just let the co-chairs know by April 20, 2017 and provide the title and speakers of your proposed session. We want to ensure that we organize abstracts into the correct sessions and that we have no duplicate sessions. Note that your topical session can occupy more than one 90-minute slot. If you would like to arrange a topical poster session let us know (aquadoc@oregonstate.edu). Please advise those you invite that they must pay the registration fee.

Panel Sessions
If you wish to convene a panel session to promote discussion on a particular issue the convener should submit one abstract describing the session, its title, the panelists and what they will discuss, and the name, email address, title, and affiliation of each panelist. Panel sessions are 90-minute discussions, and not a collection of individual presentations. Please advise those you invite that they must pay the registration fee.

Lightning Talks
These have really caught on since we started them a few years ago. As the name suggests, these are short talks usually organized around a single or several related themes. Each talk is five minutes, limited to five PowerPoint slides. Individual abstracts are not required. About sixteen talks are accommodated in one 90-minute slot. If you wish to organize a Lightning Talk session, let the co-chairs know ASAP. Presenters are still required to pay the registration fee.

Other Ideas - Workshops, etc.
If you would like to organize a workshop or field trip, please contact the co-chairs right away. We are looking for creative, original, and compelling ideas.

Why This Conference is Important

"May you live in interesting times." While simultaneously a curse and a blessing, this statement is never more true than today. All conferences strive to be relative and timely, but this AWRA event will set a new standard for relevance.

Today, our nation is facing challenges that encompass deteriorating infrastructure, climate change, drinking water quality, environmental alteration, endangered species, and water conflicts, among others. Scientific rigor and substantive discourse are values that are being dismissed and ridiculed at the national level.

What does this mean for our precious water resources - and their protection, governance, management, and sustainable use? What role will our water resources community play? Come to Rip City in November 2017 and join the conversation.

Brenda Bateman

Brenda Bateman
Annual Conference Co-Chair and
Technical Program Co-Chair
Oregon Water Resources Department
Salem, OR

Michael Campana

Michael Campana
Annual Conference Co-Chair and Technical Program Co-Chair
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR