AWRA 2010 Spring Specialty Conference
Student Program

Monday - Thursday / November 1 - 4
Oral and Poster sessions
Student Presenter Competition
Through the “Outstanding Student Presentation Award,” AWRA recognizes exceptional student contributions to this Conference. Conference presentations are an important aspect of professional development and AWRA seeks to encourage and support student participation at its meetings, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Significance and originality of the material will be fundamental in evaluating the student presentations, which will be judged by the session attendees. There will be an Oral and a Poster winner. Each winner will receive cash award and their biographical sketch and photo will be published in an upcoming issue of AWRA’s Water Resources IMPACT magazine and put on the AWRA website. Please be sure to complete the Evaluation Forms that will be available in the session rooms and at the posters wherever a student presenter is on the program.
Monday November 1
Student Attendee Conference Orientation
4:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Students who are interested in maximizing their conference experience are welcome to attend this orientation session. It will be structured in the format of a charette (the term “charette” is often used in architecture to describe an intense, creative, on-the-spot design project). As the architect of your career, this session will offer students the opportunity to network with other attendees while providing the information they need to design their own conference experience: learn about all the conference has to offer; network with students from around the country; envision a format that fits your personal needs; and design a plan of action that will help you make the most of your conference experience.
Tuesday / November 2
AWRA Student Chapter Meeting
4:00 – 5:15 PM
Here’s your chance to catch up on the latest activities of our AWRA student chapters on campuses across the U.S. Student chapter officers will be presenting recent chapter activities with a focus on innovative events and outreach. The session will include a discussion aimed at fostering recently formed chapters as well re-invigorating established chapters. Student chapter advisors are encouraged to attend and join in the dialogue. If you are a student or potential faculty advisor with thoughts of starting a new chapter, we want to hear from you! The session will conclude with a brief discussion of AWRA’s role in supporting student chapters.
Student Career Night and Speed Networking
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
An opportunity such as this comes once in a lifetime! The Student Career Night will begin with a short presentation of success stories from a panel of professionals spanning a breadth of water resources careers. The session will focus on a wide variety of career options (non-profit to corporate) and will cater to both students just starting to explore their career options, and to undergraduate and graduate students who are ready for work. Students will learn about what experiences and opportunities are available in various water resources occupations and will learn how water, as a career, is evolving.

Following the panel presentation, AWRA will host its 2nd Annual “Speed Networking” session that will allow students to quickly meet and network with a variety of professionals from the water resources disciplines. Students will be paired with a professional member and will have 2-3 minutes to meet each other and to talk about their interests, professional aspirations, and career goals. Unlike “Speed Dating,” the objective of Speed Networking is to expand one’s professional network, so as to maximize one’s ability to refer colleagues to each other. Students will receive practical experience in meeting and talking with water resources professionals from a variety of fields, and will have the chance to exchange business cards. Students will be rotated every 2-3 minutes until they have had the opportunity to meet 15 or more professional members!

This event is included in your conference registration fee. If you are not planning to attend the conference, but would like to attend this event, please contact
Other Opportunities
While you're at the conference you should also take advantage of some of the other terrific networking opportunities:


All of these items are included in your conference registration fee so please do make use of these opportunities to expand your career possibilities and gain a greater appreciation for the world of water resources.