2017 International Conference - Cutting Edge Solutions to Wicked Water Problems
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Abstracts submission deadline: April 17th, 2017

Jointly organized by
American Water Resources Association
Water Research Center, Tel Aviv University

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What to Do about Wicked
Water Problems

By Lisa Beutler, Public Affairs Specialist, MWH Global

Conference Objectives and Benefits of Participating

Adequate and reliable water resources are essential to the sustainable development of any modern society. Around the world, water managers, engineers, scientists and policy makers are working together to develop and implement solutions to address various water issues. The aims of this international forum are fourfold:

  • present new findings about and approaches to addressing wicked water problems;
  • promote communication and collaboration among scientists, engineers, managers, and policy- and decision-makers on challenges and cutting-edge solutions;
  • share real-world experiences in addressing water challenges under changing conditions/environments; and
  • present applications and guidelines to address water issues in environments facing water shortage.
  • The conference co-chairs are working the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) to develop a featured collection of papers arising from our conference. JAWRA is dedicated to publishing original papers characterized by their broad approach to water resources issues. All papers are refereed prior to publication. More details to follow.

The focus of this two-day conference, being held at Tel Aviv University, (see topics) is to present scientific results and to demonstrate real-world experiences on innovative research about and workable solutions to various global water problems. Both local and international participants will benefit from this conference's dialogue on developing ways to address and avoid water crises due to an imbalance between water supply and demand, changing climate, population growth, urbanization, water scarcity, and water quality problems.

Why come to Israel for this conference?

Located in a semi-arid region characterized by chronic water scarcity, Israel has become a global leader in developing and applying innovative water solutions and technologies. Tel Aviv provides an ideal location for exchanging information, knowledge and data among researchers, practitioners, and water officials. In addition, conference attendees have the option of attending WATEC 2017, Israel's biennial Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference, which will be held in Tel Aviv immediately following this conference.

Come and join scientists, engineers, practitioners, water managers and professionals from academia, government agencies, private institutions and consulting organizations who will share their findings, experiences, opinions, ideas and interests on cutting-edge solutions to wicked water problems. Please join us in beautiful Tel Aviv for this exciting conference!

Sharon Megdal Dror Avisar
Sharon Megdal
Conference Co-Chair
Director, Water Resources Research Center
University of Arizona School of Earth Sciences
Tucson, Arizona
Dror Avisar
Conference Co-Chair
Director of the Water Research Ctr.
School of Earth Sciences
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, Israel