2017 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference

Growing populations and economies continue to increase the competition for water resources across the world. Since water resources tend to know no political boundaries, decisions on the policies that determine who has the right to access these water resources and the manner in which they are monitored and managed often occur across political boundaries. While the need to create formal agreements to sustainably manage transboundary surface water resources is well understood, the necessity to develop formal agreements to aid in the management of groundwater resources that straddle political jurisdictions is just being identified. To date, no treaties, decrees or formal agreements have been codified to manage groundwater as a transboundary resource, and there has been limited discussion on the manner in which these agreements could be effectively negotiated and what scientific information is necessary to support their development and implementation.

The 2018 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference will provide attendees the opportunity to learn about and engage in discussions on the Science, Management and Governance of Transboundary Groundwater. The goal of this conference is to stimulate conversations on innovative approaches for identifying the transboundary nature of groundwater resources and the methods that can be used to develop governance agreements to aid in sustainably managing groundwater resources that cross political boundaries. Please join us in Ft. Worth, Texas on July 9 - 11, 2018 to discuss the newest methods for identifying transboundary groundwater systems, and the innovative approaches for developing sustainable governance and management systems, from the local to international scale. A Call for Abstracts will be available on our website by mid-December of 2017. We look forward to seeing you in Texas next summer.

John Tracy

John Tracy
Conference Chairperson
Director, Texas Water Resources Institute
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX